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Part 2: Soldiers and Their Bots Part 2: Soldiers and Their Bots

Part 2: Soldiers and Their Bots

by Andrew Bouvé Labour Rus Garofalo Lindsay Utz Dean Fleischer-Camp Morgan Currie Justin Fines David Axe

November 12, 2008
/youtube]Unlike soldiers, robots can take the worst of a bomb blast and survive to see another battle. So when an explosive needs to be detonated, the military sends in Talon, a one-machine robotic bomb squad. With so many lives saved thanks to Talon's skills, it's little wonder that the bond between soldiers and their robot is so strong.Continued in Part 3, "The Overcrowded Skies."LEARN MOREFoster-Miller, Inc.
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Part 2: Soldiers and Their Bots