Personality of Parisian Neighborhoods Explored Through Typography

An exploration of Paris neighborhood's personalities through this clever animation.

By now, we all know that Paris is a magical place—whether you've been there yourself or paid attention to the countless cultural homages to the city through movies, music, books, and art. While Paris' personality is romanticized, if you dig deeper, each of the 20 Arrondissements, or neighborhoods, that make up this historical city have their own distinct voice. The Marais has longstanding ties to Parisian Jewish life, and today boasts trendy boutiques, art galleries, and the city's biggest gay community; the Latin Quarter is bustling with students, cafes, and bars, while Oberkampf boasts more "unpredictable" nightlife; and if you visit Père Lachaise you'll find the cemetery of the same name, forever home to The Doors' Jim Morrison.


The creative agency Havas Worldwide Paris in collaboration with Flying V explored this varied iconography and characteristics of each area through this clever animation; depicting each hood through a typography based animation.

What's your favorite neighborhood in Paris?

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