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Picture Show: The Central Valley Tea Party Picture Show: The Central Valley Tea Party

Picture Show: The Central Valley Tea Party

by Mathieu Young

February 12, 2010
With the current iteration of Tea Party movement still relatively young, it's difficult to tell whether it will become a lasting voice in our national political conversation. That said, one week after the first official Tea Party candidate, Scott Brown, was sworn in to his seat in Congress, and just a few days after former former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin delivered a keynote speech at a Tea Party event in Nashville, it appears safe to say that we have much more to hear from the movement in the near future. With that in mind, we offer this look at where some of the groundswell began.On April 15, 2009, tax day, the Central Valley Tea Party attracted some 7,500 people (according to organizers) to Fresno, California; at the time it was one of the largest events of its kind. Through the unique lens of the photographer and friend of GOOD Mathieu Young, we offer this look at an early stage of a polarizing phenomenon.
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Picture Show: The Central Valley Tea Party