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Project: Design an Infographic About Childhood Obesity, Winners Announced

We're pleased to announce the winners of our latest infographic design contest, in which we asked you—in partnership with Let's Move!—to design an infographic about the causes of childhood obesity and potential paths to a country of healthier children. All the entries were great (you can see them all here), and it was hard to choose.

Here are our picks of the best, all of whom will be getting GOOD and Let's Move! T-shirts and a free subscription (or gift subscription) to GOOD.

Best Overall Infographic: Jenn Cash

Cash's time line showing the rise of childhood obesity compared to the growing amount of food we eat and TV we watch is a sobering reminder of what we need to do to make our children healthier. It's incredibly well-sourced and well-illustrated and takes home our top prize (View full size).

Best Design: Greg Mihalko

Mihalko's graphic is simple and easy to read, taking a complicated subject and breaking down into basic, understandable graphics. We also like how the chubby typeface is evocative of obesity (View full size).

Best Information: Lauren Rouppas

While Jenn Cash (above) threw in everything but the kitchen sink, Lauren Rouppas has equally helpful and well-presented information, in a more simple form. It's a great infographic for understanding the basics of the issue and the solution. Bonus points for the great smaller serving of spaghetti (View full size).

Thanks so much to everyone who participated. Stay tuned for our next infographic project in the coming weeks.

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