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Push for Good: This Week's Guide to Crowdfunding Creative Progress

Innovation makes the world go around, so why not crowdfund it? The best thinkers and ideamakers are the those who can make collective progress, so if we support their causes, projects, and ideas, we can be a part of bettering the future of our planet.

Maybe you don’t know what causes you care about yet, or maybe you’re still searching. Consider this a guide of the goodness you can get behind. Take a look at GOOD's curated Kickstarter page, which we'll be updating regularly, and check back every Saturday for a round up of our favorite projects from the crowdfunding world.

5 Days to Go: What's Cooking in Berlin: Workshops and Blogs About Healthy, Affordable Eating

Statistics show that in the United States and Europe, almost half of the food produced is wasted and thrown away, and worldwide it is as much as 30 percent. That puts the annual food waste at a shocking 1.3 billion tons - or enough to feed 3 billion people. What's Cooking in Berlin is a workshop and blog that will teach people how to plan their meals, grocery shop in a smarter way, cook more mindfully, and reinvent left overs instead of throwing them away. Read more from co-founder Sara Anderson.

6 Days to Go: Live Unchained: A Powerful Platform for Female Artists in the African Diaspora

Women of African descent have consistently challenged limited understandings of blackness, femininity, sexuality, and nationality. Live Unchained is an arts, media, blogging, and events organization that was born out of the desire to preserve, share, and honor the diverse voices and experiences of black women across continents. Now, they're producing an awards ceremony called "Terrifying, Strange & Beautiful" to honor the artists on their platform. Read more from co-founder Kathryn Buford.

10 Days to Go Going Public: A Documentary About Public Education in America


Public Education is the last bastion of democracy and if we don't stop the "reform" movement we'll be back to "Separate, but Equal" before we know it. But it's not too late. The conversation can be re-framed and this documentary can start that process. Read more from nonprofit organization Going Public.

17 Days to Go: Loud Silence Media: Stories Directly from the Frontlines of Accra, Ghana

Loud Silence Media is innovating journalism in Africa by bringing you guerilla-made stories directly from the frontlines. Although media culture is rich in Accra, Ghana, LSM plans to change how they reach audiences, both on TV and online.

24 Days to Go: Bacteriography: Photographs Grown in Bacteria

Zachary Copher processes photographs using bacteria in an effort to highlight our bi-polar relationship with it. Although our society over sanitizes, we rely on probiotics to replace killed bacteria. Back an innovative, scientific art project that will start a conversation.

26 Days to Go: The World's Best Olive Oil Recipes

Jason Gibb and Cathy Rogers have their own olive oil farm in Italy where you can even adopt one of their trees. Now they plan to share the simplest and best olive oil recipes from around the world. Support a project that will inform olive oil lovers about how to make good food. Read more from co-founder Jason Gibb.

Here's a success story that wouldn't hurt to add a little crowdfunding to:

30 Days to Go: Smart Herb Garden by Click and Grow

Click and Grow has created the easiest indoor garden to use with nanotechnology and LED lights that provide plant roots with the right amount of oxygen, water, and nutrients at any time. Support a project that could bring gardens into any city home. Read more from founder Mattias Lepp.

Tell us what projects you're getting behind in the comments below. Push progress forward, and do it for our collective good.

Click here to add crowdfunding projects you can care about to your To-Do list.

Illustration by Jessica De Jesus

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