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Push for Good: This Week's Guide to Crowdsourcing Creative Progress

With our Push for Good series, we have identified crowdfunding opportunities for the GOOD community to get behind. Now we are also shining a light on crowd-doing opportunities—so you can join others in working towards the greater good with actions as well as donations. Here's our weekly round-up of our favorite members' projects from the crowdsourced world.

Crowdsourced Sleuthing

GOOD member Rob Greenfield's bamboo bike was stolen in San Diego. But he's not down about it. He just wants you to share this photo on Facebook. If the bike is found, he'll travel across America, off the grid, to do good.

Crowdsourced Answers

With all the debates around the Affordable Care Act, GOOD member Sunaina Sondhi is asking you if you have health insurance—and if not, why not? Explore health insurance options in your state and join the conversation here.

Crowdsourced Volunteers

Do you want to help flood victims in Colorado but don't know how? Try donating to shelters through The Red Cross, Salvation Army, Boulder Humane Society or the Foothills Flood Relief Fund. And, if you're in Colorado, volunteer with All Hands Volunteers.

Crowdsourced Ideas

Do you have a great idea about how to improve citizen and government interaction? GOOD Dallas Local Leader Patrick McDonnell does. He's participating in Ideation Nation and he wants you to join in.


Nonprofit Kitechild is helping orphanage Mercy Mission in Liberia install solar energy panels so that they can save on electricity costs and have enough funds to make meals for the 27 children in their care. GOOD member Chelsea Willett is working on the project and hopes to replicate it globally. Click here to add fundraising support for it to your To-Do list.


GOOD member, paramedic, and founder of Trek Medics International Jason Friesen is rethinking 911 around the globe. He's training regular citizens how to respond as EMTs during disasters or emergencies. Learn more about his app and educational program, Beacon. Click here to support.

GOOD member Doniece Sandoval is creating a mobile shower unit for the homeless in San Francisco. Learn more about how this program can be replicated and donate here.


In low-income urban schools, many children face ongoing stress that affects their learning. Bring meditation education to these schools by helping the David Lynch Foundation get their donations matched in Microsoft's Give for Youth Challenge. Click here to add it to your To-Do list.

This Sunday, if you're in Los Angeles, join ABLE Collective, GOOD, and GOOD member Maggie Davis at Handsome Coffee Roasters (582 Mateo St.) for a fundraising event that supports Syrian refugees. Click here to add it to your To-Do list.

Successful Campaigns We've Featured That Have Been Funded in the Last Few Weeks

Put crowdsourced projects you can care about on your radar. Let us know about any of your projects here.

Illustration by Jessica De Jesus

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