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Push for Good: This Week's Guide to Crowdsourcing Creative Progress

With our Push for Good series, we have identified crowdfunding opportunities for the GOOD community to get behind. Now we are also shining a light on crowd-doing opportunities—so you can join others in working towards the greater good with actions as well as donations. Here's our weekly round-up of our favorite projects from the crowdsourced world.

Crowdsourced Activity

Bike Through Watts and Learn from Local Leaders

On August 17, GOOD Local's Brian Rosenbaum is asking you to join one big bike ride through Watts, one of LA's most dynamic communities. The day's events will cover not only bike safety but also a chance to join the conversation about the city with leaders from Watts. Click here to say you'll DO it.

Crowdsourced Ideas

Bring Beat Making Labs to Youth Groups

[youtube] GOOD member Pierce Freelon builds studios called Beat Making Labs in cultural centers around the world. Now he wants the project to grow. Help create positive social impact by giving youth the tools and training to make beats and songs. Do you know of a community or youth group that needs this? Let him know here.

Crowdsourced Drawings

Draw Some Trees for a Book About the Art of Climbing Them

GOOD member Henrik Dahle is asking you to draw him a tree, in any way you want, for his book about climbing 365 trees across the world. Read more from him here. Click here to put it on your To-Do list.


1 Day to Go: A Documentary Telling The Story of Music and Hope in Haiti's Cité Soleil

When GOOD member and filmmaker Fabienne Lips-Dumas visited Cité Soleil in Haiti, she was inspired by the musicians and people running medical clinics, radio stations, and schools, despite community struggles with gang violence and squalor. They wanted to tell their story of hope, and that is what Lips-Dumas aims to help them do. Read more from her here.

4 Days to Go: Creativity-Inducing T-Shirts for Kids

GOOD member Agnieszka Gasparska has created these T-shirts that let kids change around the designs whenever they'd like, using colored pieces of felt that button and snap onto them. It's a form of play that's way better than dress-up because you can make a sandwich or explore outer space in the process. The Itty Bitty Project keeps kids creative and well dressed. Read more here.

6 Days to Go: A Documentary About How Soccer is Empowering Teens Across the World

GOOD member Shilpi Gupta is making a documentary about how soccer and life skills training are empowering teens in South Africa, Palestine, and Philadelphia. See them play at a soccer competition, run by the 2010 World Cup. Read more from Gupta here.

17 Days to Go: A Car Exhaust Filter, to Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

19-year-old GOOD member Param Jaggi has been studying bio-fuels and bio-reactors since he was 12. Now, he's at Vanderbilt University developing this filter that could hack exhaust systems in cars. Read more from him here.

25 Days to Go: Bamboo Bikes Built by Youth

HERObike makes bikeframes out of bamboo locally harvested in Alabama. Now teens are learning life skills and craftsmanship by building these bikes. Read more from GOOD member Marc O'Brien.

26 Days to Go and Not Close: Public Art to Beautify a Park in Pennsylvania

Public Art Manager and GOOD member Tracy Beyl spends a lot of time figuring out how to make parks in Lancaster, Pennsylvania more fun to visit. This project aims to make Rodney Park a more welcoming gathering space. Read more from her here.

Successful Campaigns We Featured that Got Funded in the Last Two Weeks

Click here to add crowdsourced projects you can care about to your To-Do list.

Illustration by Jessica De Jesus

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