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Push for Good: This Week's Guide to Crowdsourcing Creative Progress

With our Push for Good series, we have identified crowdfunding opportunities for the GOOD community to get behind. Now we are also shining a light on crowd-doing opportunities—so you can join others in working towards the greater good with actions as well as donations. Here's our weekly round-up of our favorite members' projects from the crowdsourced world.

Crowdsourced Video

Make a Short Video with Your Neighbors

Do you know your neighbors? GOOD member Mary Crosse didn't, until she asked them to make a video with her about their neighborhood. Her film company, On My Block, is now asking you to submit your own videos by October 13. Meet your neighbors. Break the ice with some dinner and make a movie. Add it to your To-Do List.

Crowdsourced Attendance

Impact Investor Networking Night

Are you an entrepreneur in the social good space, hoping to meet impact investors? Here's your chance. GOOD member Sang Lee is hosting an event for his online funding platform, Return on Change, September 5 at the Center for Social Innovation in New York. Meet like-minded business folks wanting to make change. Learn more from Lee.

Happy Startup Summer Camp

How do startups create stronger brands and workplace cultures? Happy Startup Summer Camp in the U.K. plans to answer just that on September 20, with talks by startup experts, as well as fun activities that will help business owners network and collaborate. Learn more from co-founder and GOOD member Laurence McCahill.

Crowdsourced Answers

How Do You Create a Culture of Creativity, Collaboration and Collective Joy?

When GOOD member Justin Threlkeld moved to Tennessee, he noticed a lack of community. Now, he's asking you for tips on how to build a more vibrant one in his town.


Maker Space in Kisumu, Kenya

The Victoria Innovation Center in Kenya offers a space for innovators, designers, and engineers to test and produce products or develop manufacturing skills that can increase empowerment, income, and quality of life. Learn more from GOOD member Alex Odundo.

An App for More Efficient Disaster Response


GOOD member and researcher Paul Gardner-Stephen had this idea to make disaster response more effective by making it possible for smart phones to become updated 21st century walkie talkies. By downloading free software on a smart phone, people can communicate—even when cellular networks fail. Read more from Gardner-Stephen here.

Children's Book Charleton's Purpose

GOOD member and illustrator Kevin Ferreira shared a project he was doing for a children's book, so we wanted to support him. Inspired by Dr. Seuss' rhythmic timing and the animation of Hayao Miyazaki, Ferreira teaches kids lessons about how to find purpose. Read about his story.

A Co-Working Space for Creatives in Downtown Los Angeles

You may know about Unique LA, where creatives and artisans sell their work to people who support locally-made goods. Now, they want to create a space in which those creatives can work together, host events, and connect with other artists. They're calling it Unique Space. Learn more from founder and GOOD member Sonja Rasula.

Successful Campaigns We've Featured That Have Been Funded in the Last Two Weeks

  • Still running: Sanitation initiative, Jhai Coffee House—raised $11,856
  • Documentary that's changing perceptions about Mexican youth, Victoria, Gto—104 percent overfunded
  • Creative customizable clothes for kids, Itty Bitty T-Shirt Company—raised $12,021
  • Documentary about Honduran drug violence through the eyes of a Narco Ranchera band— raised $40,100
  • Animated film that explores how a girl overcame her disabilities, Henrietta Bulkowski— raised $70,575
  • Still Running: Documentary exploring free press in Afghanistan, Frame by Frame—raised $41,176
  • \n

Click here to add crowdsourced projects you can care about to your To-Do list.

Illustration by Jessica De Jesus

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