Quit the Flowers and Candy: Express Your Love in a Monument Quit the Flowers and Candy: Express Your Love in a Monument

Quit the Flowers and Candy: Express Your Love in a Monument

by Christos Trampoukis

February 3, 2014

People throughout history - desiring to express their love - have left their love marks everywhere - carved in trees, written on benches, sprayed on walls or locked to a bridge. Different cultures around the world have developed their own ways of expressing this unique instinctive human feeling.

But while the world has plenty of monuments dedicated to religions, war victories, human tragedies, historic personalities or human vanity, when it comes to love, the only thing we come across are smaller collective expressions.  

We (Apostolos and Christos), while two students in Greece, wanted to change that. We decided to take a break from our careers and took on the challenge to create a different, universal, crowdfunded and sourced, monument that would carry a positive message. And we deliberately use the word 'monument' in order to try and give the word a different, a more positive meaning. The idea is to take the universal human need to express one's love and use it in a creative way. That little love note you want to pass to your loved one can be inscribed on a cube - a love cube as we call it - and the love cube will be the building block of the Love monument: The Lovemark.

The Lovemark is a unique canvas to express your feelings while creating a collective piece of architectural art at the same time. A landmark that can serve as a positive point of reference to inspire us, our kids, and hopefully their kids - across geographies.

We needed an excuse to launch this idea. And Valentine's Day could not have been a better one. To make it more meaningful than flowers and candy, we want to use this opportunity to raise awareness about a sensitive subject: Ending violence against women. While most of us celebrate our love on Valentine’s Day, there are so many people whose lives have been affected by the lack of it. The Lovemark will aim to shed some light on this very sensitive issue, inspired by vday.org– "an organized response against violence toward women." We've subscribed to their mission's four core beliefs:

-       Art has the power to transform thinking and inspire people to act

-       Lasting social and cultural change is spread by ordinary people doing extraordinary things

-       Local women best know what their communities need and can become unstoppable leaders

The team behind The Lovemark is truly diverse, supporting the international character of the project. Different countries, cultures, professional backgrounds, and 12 different languages are represented in our team. We have all come together, volunteered our time and effort and joined forces to give everyone the opportunity to leave their lovemark in history.

The best part of this? If you help fund us, you have the opportunity to decide where the monument will be built.

Join us in making it happen here.

This project is part of GOOD's series Push for Good—our guide to crowdsourcing creative progress.

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Quit the Flowers and Candy: Express Your Love in a Monument