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Robin Hood Taps Long Tail to Feed Hungry Families

There are about 4 million people in New York City who struggle to afford food. In 2003, it was half that number. This time of year, as temperatures drop and holidays come and go, the pangs of hunger can be especially brutal. But thanks to an innovative new effort by the organization Robin Hood, you can help make a difference for one family in need. Have a look.[vimeo][/vimeo]To accomplish the goal of delivering 15,000 meals to 120,000 New Yorkers, Robin Hood has partnered with the grocer FreshDirect and is tapping into the vibrant social networks of the people behind the Obama campaign to generate attention. They're asking for donations of $50, 100 percent of which goes directly toward providing a family of 8 with a holiday meal. So far, they've raised enough money to serve 50,000 people.To hammer home just how easy it is for some of us spare 50 bucks, they've created the Twitter hash tag #50bucks, which you'll find after phrases like "bought a round of shots for people I don't even know." Clearly, feeding a family of eight is a better use of that cash.On December 8, Robin Hood is holding a city-wide "Stay In," during which they're encouraging New Yorkers to refrain from dining out, and asking them to make a donation of the $50 they would have spent at a restaurant on a dinner for a family. Donors that night will receive discounts at FreshDirect or SeamlessWeb, and a free download from Netflix Amazon for their evening at home.You can make a donation to Robin Hood's Food for Good program here. At the very least, it's worth a retweet.

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