Salad: It's So Much Fun!

The relationship between women and their salads, as revealed through stock photography.

Over at The Hairpin, Edith Zimmerman has gathered a truly inspirational collection of photos under the self-explanatory heading "Women Laughing Alone With Salad."

The portraits show women—young, old, black, and white alike—all laughing, alone, with salad. Most are overcome while raising salad elements to their lips, while others are gaily wielding salad servers.

Several commenters have been unable to resist treating the images as a caption competition ("AHAHAHHA I HAVE A SECRET DORITOS DRAWER HAHAHAH"), while others have suggested other galleries in a future "Women Laughing With ____" series ("Women laughing while wearing white and doing cartwheels during their periods!" "Women laughing while walking on the beach on high doses of anti-depressants and talking about their great new cell phone calling plans!").

One commenter links to a similar stock photo phenomenon known as "Happy Black Women Shopping," which is also pretty fantastic, and reminds me of the even more tear-inducingly hilarious episode of Sarah Haskin's Target Women show in which she examines the relationship between women and yogurt, as understood by advertising executives:

Hey! Why am I holding all of this yogurt? Because I'm a woman! And yogurt is the official food of women! Yogurt eaters come from every race, but just one socio-economic class. It's the class that wears grey hoodies—it's that "I have a Master's but then I got married" look.



Watch it now, and don't say you weren't warned if you smudge your mascara while crying into your pizza / burger / fried chicken (delete as appropriate).