Here Are Samantha Bee’s Best Tweets From The Filibuster

This is comedy with very sharp teeth

The filibuster initiated by Connecticut Senator Christopher Murphy is over, and with it, comedienne journalist Samantha Bee’s live tweeting of the 15-hour long event.

The face of Full Frontal was running commentary like this filibuster was her Game of Thrones. As we’ve come to expect from the sharpest host in late night, she was incisive, funny, a little bawdy and entirely on point with her tone. So here are Bee’s best tweets from Senator Murphy’s marathon political stand.

Then there’s this. What?!

Meanwhile, Donald Trump whipped up the devout racists, isolationists, xenophobes, bigots and fear-mongers in his discipleship by calling for surveillance of mosques. So if you smelled burning garbage in your immediate vicinity, that’s just the odor of Donald Trump eminating from your screens.