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Samantha Bee Mocks Twitter Trolls By Celebrating A City Council Fantasy Team

These angry sports fans didn’t stand a chance.

Samantha Bee. Comedienne. Talk show host. Woman of the people.

On this week’s episode of Full Frontal, late night’s reigning (and only) queen highlighted a fight brewing in Seattle over whether or not the city should make way for a new men’s basketball arena. The Seattle SuperSonics team was moved to Oklahoma City in 2008, where they became the Thunder. Since that time the city has been without an NBA team, but they’re lobbying to resurrect the classic franchise, and clearing plans for a new stadium would help that cause.

The problem is that the land being considered for a construction site is already home to many maritime and manufacturing jobs. On March 14, 40 Washington lawmakers even signed a letter to the Seattle City Council asking them to oppose the project, saying that “The site of the proposed street vacation represents the crossroads of international trade, manufacturing, and transportation interests that together form a key economic engine for our state… There must be a future for both professional sports and a strong and thriving middle class. An early decision on vacating Occidental Avenue would deal a serious blow to our region’s global competitiveness.”

So as you can see, a lot of people in very informed positions take issue with the hypothetical new stadium supplanting crucial jobs, which further means it shouldn’t be surprising that the City Council ultimately voted down a proposal. Where it gets sticky is in the fact that the Council voted along gender lines, with five women opposing the ordinance and four men supporting it. And even though 40 Washington lawmakers signed their name on a letter saying the proposed construction was a bad idea, those five women have now become the target of a mini hate campaign from some very misguided SuperSonics fans.

Watch Bee put the trolls on blast here in a bit very reminiscent of Key & Peele’s TeachingCenter sketch, which used the SportsCenter format to put educators in the role of sought after high paid industry talent. Get ready to meet the Seattle Seawards (… sound it out), the starting five for the Emerald City’s job protection squad. They’re professionally qualified. They have demonstrated strong commitments to civic duty. And according to Twitter they’re pieces of trash and deserve to have their heads bashed into walls!

Watch out, Washington. The Seawards could be coming to ruin an ill-advised, short sighted land use decision in a town near you!

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