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Save the Pallet Pavilion, A Treasured Pop-Up Public Space


Gap Filler is a post-quake urban regeneration initiative in Christchurch, NZ that activates vacant sites with temporary, creative projects for community benefit. Christchurch was devastated by a series of earthquakes in 2010 and 2011 that left much of the city in ruins and many people without homes. 185 people died.
Gap Filler has organized over 30 projects in the two and a half years since the quake. Each project is different and all involve volunteers. We’re trying to give people a stake in their city, here and now.
Last year, we built a Pallet Pavilion with more than 250 volunteers over six weeks during the summer. It was created to provide a space for live music and community events in a city that has lost so many spaces for such things.

It is built from pallets, recycled and repurposed materials and is a testament to creative thinking, a shared community spirit and resilience.
The pavilion has hosted more than 100 community events over the summer, from live music and kids events to outdoor cinema, markets, and Scrabble tournaments.


Originally, it was suposed to be deconstructed in May, but many, many people have asked to keep it. As a charitable trust, we can’t afford it, so it’s up to you all to speak through your collective donations Okay, everyone–will we stay or will we go?
We have now launched our first ever crowdfunding campaign to raise the $80,000 we need to for the Pallet Pavilion to stay for one more year.
The Pavilion has been such a fantastic success story, and due to its popularity we are giving anyone and everyone the chance to help keep it in place until May 2014.
That means another summer of live music, vintage markets, Busker’s Festival gigs, children’s birthday parties, charity auctions, university lectures, wedding receptions and anything else you can come up with!


If you would like to support the Pavilion, please visit our fundraising site. We’ve organized some special rewards for all those lovely people who can give to the campaign.
For just $30 you can sponsor your very own blue pallet and have your name painted on it for the next 12 months. You’ll own a share in Pallet Pavilion for one year—super cool.
That’s enough talk here. The decision rests in your hands.
Thanks one and all.
This project is part of GOOD's Saturday series Push for Good—our guide to crowdfunding creative progress.\n

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