Scientists Rank The Absurd Ways In Which People Plan to Cool The Planet

On the subject of global warming and how bad we're doing, hats off to for this awesome post. Here, Alexis Madrigal takes stock of a bizarre report in which scientists assess how viable certain geoengineering schemes will be in mitigating the effects of global warming. And as it turns out, not all geoengineering schemes are created equal: The clear winners, cost aside, are strategies that would block out some solar radiation. Perhaps the most currently workable version of this technique is injecting millions of tons of sulfur dioxide into the atmosphere. Of course, the injections would have to continue until the greenhouse gases in the atmosphere were brought back down and the environmental costs could be high. Another high-impact technique would increase the albedo - or reflectivity - of the tops of clouds.For that, and awesome infographics, click here.(Via