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SeeClickFix Is Using Facebook to Make Fixing Cities Social SeeClickFix Is Using Facebook to Make Fixing Cities Social

SeeClickFix Is Using Facebook to Make Fixing Cities Social

by Alex Goldmark

April 10, 2011

We've been following the growing expansion of SeeClickFix, the online and mobile interface to report problems in your community. And now it's making the leap onto Facebook with a new app to connect neighbors and make solving local problems as addictive as playing Farmville.

The Facebook app lets you do just about everything the SeeClickFix site does, but it also adds in a bit more, well, fun. "We've always tracked the civic points, we're highlighting them more in Facebook," Berkowitz says. Civic points are what you get for doing something good in your community through SeeClickFix. "You will see where you are trending, in relation not just to your friends, but to other people in your community to encourage the competitive spirit," says Berkowitz. So someone can take pride in being the fifth best SeeClickFixer in Brooklyn, or on Maple Street in Omaha, Nebraska.

Best of all, there is a neighbors app within the app, so you can see all the people in your community. "We can actually connect you with your neighbors around some of these issues," Berkowitz adds. If you post a comment on an existing issue, like that litter-strewn park down the block, then all the other people who have commented on that, reported it, or signed up to follow the issue, will get an email about your comment. Facebook notifications will come in an updated version of the app, he says.

This plan essentially creates a micro-listserv or Facebook group of concerned neighbors that you can reach out to and say something like, "hey, let's have a park cleanup next weekend."

We're excited to see if it takes off. Let us know if you use the app, and what kinds of fixing it sparks.

Sign up for the Faceboook app here.

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SeeClickFix Is Using Facebook to Make Fixing Cities Social