Space Exploration as Fine Art: "Things that Float"

NASA Images
is making 50 years worth of media in its archive available to the public and launching a "Guest Showcase" series of online exhibitions curated by experts in the fields of science, education, art, entertainment, business, and academia. The first participant is Stephen Nowlin, Vice President and Director of the Alyce de Roulet Williamson Gallery at Art Center College of Design in Pasadena, California. His "Things that Float" turns an arresting collection of space photography into a sublime video with the help of Claude Debussy's indelible classic "Claire de Lune (Moonlight)."Musing on the subject of his project, he writes:
We're charmed by heavy things that float in thin air, because we're products of a gravity environment where weight is pinned to the planet's surface. When something does otherwise, it arouses the pleasure of our curiosity-it's a spectacle, and inspiring. ... As a native Earthling, bred and raised with an awe-threshold heavily influenced by our terra-firma existence, I remain captivated by how big things stuck to the surface down here can hover like floating poetry up there in the blackness of space.
I found myself feeling really wonderfully unsettled about halfway through my viewing.Watch the video here. See the complete showcase here.