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Stanford Has a Class on Eating Like an Adult

“It doesn’t matter if they’re rocket scientists. Doing the perfect poached egg is still kind of important.”

Stanford University is trying to “demystify the kitchen.” A new program launched with the of help of health food celebrity chef Jamie Oliver, the Teaching Kitchen, is teaching students how to grocery shop, cook and eat healthily.

Image via Creative Commons

“Ultimately, the Teaching Kitchen is there for any student. It doesn’t matter what they’re studying,” said Oliver. “It doesn’t matter if they’re rocket scientists. It doesn’t matter if they’re gonna be splitting atoms and working out the next incredible metal that’s going to send people to another planet. Doing the perfect poached egg is still kind of important.”

In an attempt to help students saddled with readings, labs and midterms with the basics of health, the Teaching Kitchen tries to inspire through hands on work. The inaugural class featured Oliver himself teaching the students how to make a simple risotto. Future classes will feature healthy cooking on a budget, hosting dinner parties for beginners and a Valentine’s Day special: cooking with chocolate.

"I've had a student say to me, 'I don't even know how to fry an egg,' " Eric Montell, executive director of Stanford Dining told The Salt. "You know, they have such a rich academic program here at Stanford. But students sometimes forget the practical part of, 'Wait a minute. I'm going to graduate and I'm going to have to cook for myself.'”

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