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Watch These Undercover Mothers Catch Their Catcalling Sons In The Act (UPDATED)

When it comes to fighting street harassment, mothers know best. (UPDATED)

image via YouTube.

Odds are that we’ve all heard someone say something incredibly vulgar or hurtful or inappropriate and thought to ourselves, “You talk to your mother with that mouth?” Well, in this anti-street harassment video, that exact sentiment is taken to the next level. As The Huffington Post explains:

“Sponsored by Everlast, the PSA takes place in Lima, Peru, where, as the video states, seven out of 10 women are harassed on the streets. Everlast found two men who were ‘repeat offenders’ and contacted their moms who agreed to dress in disguise and walk past their sons.”

As you’ll see, the results are pretty much exactly what you’d expect: Mothers publicly apoplectic over the terrible behavior of their awful, catcalling sons.

[youtube ratio="0.5625" position="standard" caption=""Whistling At Your Mom""]

I’ll admit, I’m not 100% certain if this video is totally real, or more than a little staged.* There’s something a little hard for me to believe about a son not being able to recognize his own mother when she walks past him. Still, so long as it helps put an end to catcalling and street harassment, it’s a good thing.

*UPDATE: Fact-checking site Snopes dug into the specifics of this video and explains that while this is a real anti-street harassment PSA, the interactions seen are, in fact, entirely staged. This is a nuance better understood in the untranslated original but which was lost as the video made the leap from Peruvian to American audiences.

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