Super Sized Safari: What Happens When Wild Animals Graze Fast Food

This clever animation shows what would happen if animals started eating fast food.

What would happen if wild animals ate the way we did? What if zebras indulged in McDonalds, and gazelles had a soft spot for Burger King? The answer is they'd probably be as portly as humans, as slow on their feet and lethargic as we are after consuming an unhealthy diet. In Rollin' Safari a short animation that imagines this dire scenario, we see what it looks like to have a nation of exotic animals subsist on fast food.


If you needed another excuse to stay away from anything that can be bought at a drive through (if horse meet wasn't a good enough deterrent) than this hilarious video should do the trick. It shows that the results of eating this way aren't pretty—even if the animation is. For more clips visit .

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