Superb Idea: Spaghetti with Built-In Portion Control

This elegant hexagonal spaghetti package contains six single portions, so you can make the right amount no matter how many people you're cooking for.

British student Neal Fletcher has come up with a packaging design that ensures you never make too much spaghetti again. Each compartment of his hexagonal prism contains a single portion of pasta, meaning that whether you're cooking for one or more, you can make exactly the right amount without measuring.

Perhaps to forestall criticism of the extra cardboard involved in his design, Fletcher notes that it can be reused. I'm not sure how likely that would be, but given the shocking rates of food waste and obesity in both the United States and the United Kingdom, I'm inclined to excuse a little excess packaging if it's being used in the service of portion control (and especially if it's recyclable or—better yet—made from recycled materials).

Images by Neal Fletcher via Lovely Package ; story via PSFK .