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Telling the Story of Our Cultural Neighbors Through a Mobile Museum Telling the Story of Our Cultural Neighbors Through a Mobile Museum

Telling the Story of Our Cultural Neighbors Through a Mobile Museum

by Dean Brown

April 8, 2013

We wanted to define a creative platform made complete through the contributions sourced from an international community of artists, designers and photographers. In this way it had to be flexible and neutral to an extent—a blank canvas to support different purposes, borrowing typical characteristics from a museum, whilst avoiding the heaviness and permanence of a conventional institution. To compliment the physical space we created a website to archive the exhibitions, and tied everything together with a visual identity.

With every exhibition we try to tell a story related to the host city, and is meaningful to our visitors, through themes that have a local flavor but are also universally appropriate. We receive contributions from all over the world, as an open call, so it’s important to find the right balance between specific and open. Our first show in Milan was themed around “Family”, because of the strong family bonds in Italian culture. It was very successful because it suited the location and has so many interpretations—you could really play with it. In the same spirit we curated “Money” in Luxembourg and most recently “Authentic” in Hong Kong.

During our seven shows to date we had many special moments. In Milan we created a tiny coffee shop, serving Italian espressos to visitors. In London we exhibited in the Grand Hall of the Victoria & Albert Museum, next to 25 renaissance sculptures. During our most recent show in Hong Kong we celebrated Chinese New Year.

The whole project is participatory and relies on the generosity of people to donate work and host our shows. We are very proud to see the results and to now have a bit of a following. It is an honor to have pieces donated by notables like Stefan Sagmeister, Sebastian Bergne, Studio O Portable and Luis Urculo to name a few.

So far, we have toured extensively in Europe and now we’re making our way across Asia. We’re always happy to receive invitations to bring the Mobile Museum to interesting places, and to new audiences. A real milestone would be to visit all five continents, to curate ten shows or to meet the Pope—whichever comes first.

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Telling the Story of Our Cultural Neighbors Through a Mobile Museum