The 30 Project: Have Dinner, Change the World The 30 Project: Have Dinner, Change the World

The 30 Project: Have Dinner, Change the World

by Ellen Gustafson

February 21, 2011

GOOD is incredibly excited to announce our partnership with the 30 Project, to create a long-term vision for food system change and an alliance of committed people, organizations, and businesses that, together, can make that vision a reality.

Below, 30 Project founder and FEED Foundation co-founder Ellen Gustafson introduces us to her vision and goals, as well as the first steps you can take to get involved. I'm particularly excited about the 30 Project because it is such a tangible opportunity for the GOOD community to use our collective strength to make a difference. Long-term food system change is going to require nothing so much as a willingness to imagine the world as a better place and an open-minded approach to how we're going to get there. That kind of pragmatic idealism and collaborative action is what GOOD is all about.

Watch Ellen's TED talk and read her story, below, and watch this space for more updates over the coming weeks and months.

And now, for the first time but definitely not the last, we need your help. Our launch dinner takes place at Hayes Valley Farm in San Francisco on March 6, and we have a wish list (above; click to view it larger) of volunteer and material needs. If you are in the Bay Area, or have friends, family, or colleagues there, join us right now to get this project rolling. And if not, don't worry—we'll be asking you to host a dinner in your own community soon!

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The 30 Project: Have Dinner, Change the World