The Most Comprehensive Chart for Your Petreaus Scandal Needs

A handy chart to navigate Petraeus-Gate

I've been making charts for about 5 years. Usually to illustrate illegal schemes I'm investigating for my "real" job(s), sometimes to make something easier to understand for myself. These days, I have a toddler, and a part-time job as an investigator at a law firm, and another couple of part-time volunteer jobs doing investigative stuff. So, my news-reading, chart-making time is pretty limited.

As the Petraeus story broke , it just seemed so, so chart-worthy. Irresistibly chart-worthy. On Monday night, I read a very brief synopsis of the scandal, and two things were immediately clear. One: I should make a chart. And two: How can I incorporate my toddler into this activity? Sadly, toddlers have no work ethic. The first drawing is Draft 1. The second is Draft 2 (I love white out, as you can see). And the third I made during my son's naptime, using Omnigraffle . Then my cousin Lee made my charts a nice Internet home at .

Draft 1

Draft 2