The White House and GOOD Ask: How Do You Make a Difference?

Following the success of our ongoing series of joint questions, the White House and GOOD are joining forces yet again. This time we want to know: 63 million are volunteering in America. How do you make a difference?

The number of Americans that volunteered in their communities jumped by 1.6 million last year, the largest increase in six years, according to a report released earlier today by the Corporation for National and Community Service.

Volunteering in America rates Utah as having the highest volunteer rate, followed by Iowa, Minnesota, Nebraska, and Alaska. And here's a national breakdown of who, exactly, volunteers:

Be sure to check out the announcement over on the White House blog, too. And then head on over to, where you can find places in your community to be of service.

In the comments section below, we'd love to know where you plan on volunteering this summer.

Photo via the White House's Flickr Photostream.