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Thriving OfficetrickeryWhen you work at home, sometimes it's hard to get respect from business contacts who are picturing you in your underwear. Use the Thriving Office CD to replicate the sounds of a bustling work place in a cunning attempt to trick your judgmental clients into thinking your company is more than you and your cat. The disk has two 39-minute tracks, "Busy" and "Very Busy," so you can obfuscate as much as your career requires.$13, This Year's New FacestypographySince the movie Helvetica blew up at Sundance this year, you'll need some new fonts to stay ahead of the curve. Here are three new typefaces released in 2007-a serif, a sans serif, and a totally goofy-to perk up your amateur typesetting.$123,$55,$50, Flip Videoso 2007As a way to capture your memories, pictures are so 2006: It's all about video these days. So that you don't break the bank, try Flip Video, a simple reusable digital video recorder that saves up to an hour of precious memories-from a loved one's graduations to the time you covered your sleeping friend's face in shaving cream. Consider it a YouTube enabler.From $120, Omlet Egluanimal husbandryYou try to support local farmers-but why not become one? Now you can join the ranks of your pastoral brethren, even though you don't have a farm. With an Eglu, you can easily keep two chickens in your backyard. Available in six Apple-esque colors, your new chicken house will provide you with fresh, tasty eggs, and even has a fox- and badger-proof enclosure to allow your fowl to roam semi-free. Sadly, the Eglu is currently only available in the U.K.; Keep calling, and soon we'll all have farm-fresh eggs whenever we want.$680, Orikaso Fold Flat TablewareconvenienceAll your cups and bowls and plates are three-dimensional. Wouldn't it be easier if they could unfold into flat sheets? Sometimes a visionary company solves a problem you didn't know you had. Orikaso's picnic-friendly tableware, all of which can be stored flat before you use your origami skills to construct it, is made from a magic polymer that gets stronger the more you fold it. A new fun dinner game: Race your friends to see who can construct their table setting first. Winner gets to eat.$15/set, Duraflame Natural Logincendiary deviceDuraflame logs have long been the embarrassing end to failed attempts at lighting a real fire. But now you can mask your lack of woodsy skills with an environmental argument: A new generation of Duraflame logs release 75 percent fewer emissions than burning wood, and the recycled bio-wax they are made from is a far more renewable resource than trees.$3, duraflame.comVintage Belt Floor MathouseFor this recycling thing to work, we've got to expand beyond just our bottles and cans. How about belts? This individually crafted, two-foot-diameter circle of stitched-together recycled belts would make an excellent addition to your floor. Although leather doesn't top the list of problem materials at any landfill, there's something to be said for desirable decorative arts that celebrate sustainability and ideas of reuse.$648, Skins Footwearweird shoesCombining the comfort of a custom made shoe with footwear freedom of choice, Skins new shoes offer an exciting take on the idea of shoe buying. You purchase a custom inner sleeve that is designed just for your foot, and then can buy a range of outer shells that allow you to go out in any style you want. Suddenly, every shoe you own is your most comfortable.From $110,
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Sin City is doing something good for its less fortunate citizens as well as those who've broken the law this month. The city of Las Vegas, Nevada will drop any parking ticket fines for those who make a donation to a local food bank.

A parking ticket can cost up to $100 in Las Vegas but the whole thing can be forgiven by bringing in non-perishable food items of equal or greater value to the Parking Services Offices at 500 S. Main Street through December 16.

The program is designed to help the less fortunate during the holidays.

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For more than 20 years. Sen. Susan Collins (R-ME) has served the citizens of Maine in the U.S. Senate. For most of that time, she has enjoyed a hard-fought reputation as a moderate Republican who methodically builds bridges and consensus in an era of political polarization. To millions of political observers, she exemplified the best of post-partisan leadership, finding a "third way" through the static of ideological tribalism.

However, all of that has changed since the election of Donald Trump in 2016. Voters in Maine, particularly those who lean left, have run out of patience with Collins and her seeming refusal to stand up to Trump. That frustration peaked with the nomination of Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court.

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Bernie Sanders' presidential campaign looks to be getting a huge big shot in the arm after it's faced some difficulties over the past few weeks.

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, a leading voice in the Democratic parties progressive, Democratic Socialist wing, is expected to endorse Sanders' campaign at the "Bernie's Back" rally in Queens, New York this Saturday.

Fellow member of "the Squad," Ilhan Omar, endorsed him on Wednesday.

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The U.K. is trying to reach its goal of net-zero emissions by 2050, but aviation may become the biggest source of greenhouse gas emissions in the U.K. by that same year. A new study commissioned by the Committee on Climate Change (CCC) and conducted at the Imperial College London says that in order for the U.K. to reach its target, aviation can only see a 25% increase, and they've got a very specific recommendation on how to fix it: Curb frequent flyer programs.

Currently, air travel accounts for 2% of global greenhouse gas emissions, however that number is projected to increase for several reasons. There's a growing demand for air travel, yet it's harder to decarbonize aviation. Electric cars are becoming more common. Electric planes, not so much. If things keep on going the way they are, flights in the U.K. should increase by 50%.

Nearly every airline in the world has a frequent flyer program. The programs offer perks, including free flights, if customers get a certain amount of points. According to the study, 70% of all flights from the U.K. are taken by 15% of the population, with many people taking additional (and arguably unnecessary) flights to "maintain their privileged traveler status."

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