These Little Dolls Make Organ Donation Adorable These Little Dolls Make Organ Donation Adorable

These Little Dolls Make Organ Donation Adorable

by Yasha Wallin

July 15, 2013

When American artist David Foox learned about a family member who needed a double lung transplant, he really became aware of the issue of organ donation. In the U.S. over 89,000 patients are waiting for an organ transplant; of them, 17 people die every day while waiting for a vital organ.

So Foox decided to put a friendly face on the very serious matter by creating the Organ Donor Dolls, a line of adorable toys in playful hospital gowns, with livers, kidneys, lungs, etc. for heads. Each doll is made from vinyl and represent one of nine transplantable organs or tissues. “Each of these pieces carries with it the notions of good fortune, good luck and opportunity,” he's said about the dolls. While he first created the series in 2009, they continue to live on through fans' continued interest, which can only be a good thing. The more people identify with a toy or piece of art like this, the more they might consider being a part of the solution themselves.

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Images courtesy of David Foox

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These Little Dolls Make Organ Donation Adorable