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This Cardboard Box Turns into a Forest This Cardboard Box Turns into a Forest

This Cardboard Box Turns into a Forest

by Adele Peters

April 8, 2013

The box isn't just a clever design, but has serious benefits: if only one of the hundreds of seeds in the box is planted and survives 30 years, it will sequester about one ton of carbon. Paul Stamets writes on the Life Box site:

The Life Box is a perfect example of a product that closes the loop on a cycle that begins and ends with Life. Once delivered, a regular cardboard box dies at your doorstep, so to speak. The conventional brown box serves only the purpose of delivering a product. And then, at best, it is recycled. The Life Box is not just a box – it is a teaching tool that unfolds into a continuing, life-long experience. It empowers individuals with the ability to sequester carbon by planting trees and making a positive difference.

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This Cardboard Box Turns into a Forest