Video: Don't Miss Frontline's Investigation into Autopsy Negligence

Post Mortem, a new documentary, examines the country's medical examinations.


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Mary Roach did it first. Her book Stiff was a fascinating look at human cadavers and the humans who work with them. Tonight's PBS show on cadavers is unlikely to be as amusing.

Tonight's Frontline and Pro Publica show, Post Mortem, investigates the United State's dysfunctional and even negligent approach to autopsies and death investigations. The show talks to coroners who have mistakenly cremated bodies (ie: Michael Jordan's father) before they could be identified and who have mishandled autopsies of people who died in custody of law enforcement officers.

Pro Publica's lead reporters on the project will hold a joint chat on Wednesday, February 2 at 12:00 p.m. EST to discuss their findings and answer any questions. To join the discussion, email: postmortem [at] propublica [dot] org.

Post Mortem airs tonight at 1 9:00 pm ET on PBS.