Video: Possibly the Best iPhone App Yet "Sees" Money for the Blind

Fantastic new technology gives a bit of sight to the sightless.


A great bit of musical folklore says that, to keep from being cheated out of money at gigs, blind R&B legend Ray Charles preferred to be paid entirely in $1 bills. If only he'd had the amazing new LookTel Money Reader app, it's likely Charles's billfold would have been quite a bit thinner.

It's almost too cool to believe: Simply wave a piece of American currency in front of your iPhone's camera and LookTel, created by software company Ipplex, will tell you the denomination without even having to access the internet.

Check out the video above for an impressive demonstration.

Incidentally, if you're wondering how a blind person would even know where the app icon is in the first place, it so happens that Apple has a feature called VoiceOver that translates information on the touch screen into audio.