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The “Wankband” Will Harness The Power Of Masturbation To Charge Your Electronics

Clean, renewable energy could be as simple as charging up while getting off.

image via youtube screen capture

If "Turn on, tune in, and drop out" was the rallying cry of 1960s counterculture, will "Log on, jerk off, and power up" become its modern-day equivalent?

That, at least, seems to be the goal of the massively popular porn-streaming site Pornhub, who turned heads (among other body parts) this week by announcing plans to get into the wearable tech field. Their product? A unisex wrist-worn "wankband" to harness the kinetic energy created by their masturbating user base.

image via

As Pornhub's (SFW) wankband landing page explains:

The wankband creates power when moved in an up and down motion. A kinetic charger inside stores the electricity generated. Now use that 100% sustainable energy to charge any of your devices.

Pornhub offers little detail on just how much power a typical, er… "charging session" will generate. Given the amount of energy most devices consume on a daily basis, it's entirely possible that charging your smartphone may soon run the risk of a serious case of carpal tunnel syndrome. Still, given concerns over the battery life of Apple's upcoming iWatch, and other similar wearables, the wankband's "dirty energy" idea is a clever one.

Their explanatory video is both oddly charming, and surprisingly SFW:

[youtube ratio="0.5625" position="standard" caption=""Wankband - The wearable tech that allows you to love the planet, by loving yourself..." via youtube user Pornhub"]

Those interested are encouraged to sign up for “be(a)ta testing” on the wankband landing page. The company hasn’t released any information on when they expect the device to be on the wrists of the general public, nor have they said how much it’ll cost. Still, by tapping into wearables game, Pornhub soon could be making money, and renewable energy, hand over fist.

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