This is less a shocking piece of breaking news than an interesting piece of historical marginalia: German organic guru Alwin Seifert did some experiments in the gardens of Dachau, gardens worked by Jewish prisoners who were later killed. Seifert went on to become a best-selling author and well-regarded scholar of organic farming, based in part on the work he observed at Dachau, according to author Daniella Seidl.I don't imagine this revelation is making anyone want to throw away their now very slightly Nazi-tainted organic produce (just like no one thinks we shouldn't have sent those Nazi-tainted astronauts to the moon). But it does raise the philosophical conundrums-about peer pressure, the nature of true evil, and the forgiving passage of time-that always arise when an otherwise commendable person (see Pope Benedict XVI or Gunter Grass) is found to have ties to the Nazis.Photo of Himmler in the Dachau herb gardenVia The Corner