Internet Celebrates Unlikely Beginnings With #FirstSevenJobs Hashtag

Hamilton’s Lin-Manuel Miranda was a Slushie slinger. How about you?

Trending hashtags on Twitter tend to be good for a few quick laughs or a burst of heated political discourse. But the #firstsevenjobs tag falls somewhere inbetween, shedding light on users’ backgrounds, socioeconomic statuses, and unusual opportunities they’ve found along the way.

If you’ve spent any time on Twitter this week, you might be wondering whether any successful businesspeople didn’t start out as gas station clerks—or, given how much you probably have in common with astronaut Terry Virts, perhaps you’re trying to pinpoint the moment your life went astray.

Men and women, it would appear, have tended to fall along stereotypical gender lines, with the former taking on a lot of the heavy lifting (until they didn’t anymore).

The latter, of course, has had plenty of experience dealing with employment’s softer side—even if they’ve gone on to shatter a glass ceiling or two.

The war between millennials and pretty much anyone who came of age before the 2008 recession has been fierce. The winner? Probably the people who are paid for their work.

It turns out that hashtag started with a songwriter looking for inspiration. Now, it’s turned into an anthropological study of American ambition.

(Well, that—and an opportunity to mock a certain orange politician and his privileged upbringing.)

via Jim Browing / YouTube

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