Dudolf’s ‘Find the Panda’ Puzzle Has Been Shared Over 124,000 Times on Facebook

Can you find the panda in a crowd of snowmen?

People across the world are getting into the holiday spirit thanks to a Where’s Waldo-esqe visual puzzle posted on Facebook by a cartoonist named Dudolf. To solve the puzzle, you have to find the panda among the crowd of snowmen. Why would a panda be hanging out with snowmen when it should be busy mating to bring its species back from the brink of extinction? We have no idea. But the puzzle is fun anyway.

Here’s the deal, if for some reason you can’t find the panda: Scroll down past the comments and you’ll find the solution. In the middle of the comments, there is a hint.

via Facebook

It’s not that easy.

Some doubt the panda exists.

HINT: The panda has a panda nose, not a carrot.

Some have resorted to cheating.

The Solution

Via Facebook

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(H/T Dudolf)