Will the Vatican Allow Condoms After Its AIDS Conference

After the Pope's confusing condom statements, perhaps a new Vatican AIDs conference will clear things up,

Despite its often anti-protection opinions, the Vatican will be hosting an AIDS conference, which will hopefully clarify their recent confusing flip-flopping on condoms.

PBS Newshour headlines the incredible news:

Last fall, Pope Benedict XVI grabbed headlines when he said during an interview that the use of condoms might be a sign of moral responsibility for someone like a male prostitute who has HIV. The Church has long opposed any form of birth control, including condoms, a position that AIDS advocates have criticized.


Monsignor Jean-Marie Mpendawatu Mate Musivi, undersecretary in the Vatican health office, told reporters that the Vatican's position on condoms would be clarified during the conference. "There is a problem of comprehension, of explaining things well and what the pope really said," Mate Musivi said.