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Why I'm Investing in Women and Girls, with Condoms Why I'm Investing in Women and Girls, with Condoms

Why I'm Investing in Women and Girls, with Condoms

by Talia Frenkel

December 19, 2013

Be part of the solution:

You can support these programs through simple day-to-day decisions, and this is why I started a social enterprise called L.

L is a sustainably made condom line made from the highest-grade skin sensitive ingredients while being free of harmful additives. For every condom sold in the U.S., one is distributed to a developing country in need.

We’re starting in Swaziland, the country with the highest HIV/AIDS prevalence rate, where we partner with a female-run social enterprise program that distributes condoms in high-impact communities. The women L supports are bright, bold, and ambitious. Together we can make a significant impact. Consider this: if L were to represent just five percent of the US condom market, we could close the condom gap in the three countries with the highest HIV prevalence rates.

Too often I’m told that condoms are an “edgy” cause. Access to condoms transforms lives, economies, and nations; it stops the cycle of HIV transmission, is an important contraceptive tool and is necessary in our effort to support women as agents of change. If that sounds too edgy, please remember that with our support, women can flourish with grace and dignity, as they also carry the key to a brighter future for us all.

You can support L and women everywhere by purchasing L in select CVS stores or by shopping online at

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Why I'm Investing in Women and Girls, with Condoms