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Winner Announced: Design a Better Food Pyramid

Which new food pyramid should you follow in your dietary choices?

We're happy to announce the winner of our project to design a better food pyramid. Judge Marion Nestle pored over all your submissions and settled on Andrew Laskey's, which you can see above. Nestle didn't think anyone created anything as powerful as the original food pyramid, but she liked what Lasky was doing:

The 1992 pyramid was pretty good overall, and a wonderful teaching tool. It clearly conveyed the idea that it was better to eat foods from the bottom of the pyramid than from the top (the hierarchy concept). And it was based on years of nutrition and consumer research, much of it focused on public understanding of the design. The pyramid design, with the narrow part at the top, won out over many, many other options. With that said, it overemphasized carbohydrate foods (breads, cereals, grains) and much of our present obesity crisis is due to the increase in calorie intake from those foods and sugars. Fixing that would be a big improvement. The double column design adds in another element important to many people these days: how food is produced. I’d like to see some of that incorporated into a pyramid that emphasizes fruits and vegetables more than grains.


Lasky will take home a GOOD subscription and a T-shirt and the knowledge that he has an strong grasp on what food we should be eating.

All of the submissions are excellent and worth checking out. You can see them all here.

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