With Help From, a Teenager's Invention Could Save Infants' Lives

The device is designed to prevent the deaths of infants forgotten in hot cars through a weight sensor placed in a car seat.

Musician is serious about making geeks and nerds the rock stars of the 21st century. Last fall, the Black Eyed Peas frontman teamed up Segway creator Dean Kamen to launch, an initiative that celebrates and encourages students' interest in science, technology, engineering, and math.

Now’s latest effort, the Wouldn’t It Be Cool If… competition, is putting the spotlight on kids between 10 and 15 with amazing inventions to solve the world's problems. The competition, which launched earlier this year, received more than 1,000 submissions—students thought up everything from concussion preventors to a hovercraft that would pick up dog poop.

The winning invention, the Baby Safe Rider, was submitted by 15-year-old Greyson McCluskey, a North Carolina honor student who aspires to be an architect. The device is designed to prevent the deaths of infants forgotten in hot cars through a weight sensor placed in a car seat. If the device sensed a child's presence and the car's temperature was rising, it would send text message "code yellow" warnings to parents and caregivers. If the device measured a "code red," it would send GPS information on the location of the vehicle to law enforcement.

Now, McCluskey will get the chance to bring his idea to life, teaming up with New York City innovation firm Fahrenheit 212. McCluskey will work with the designers over the next few months to refine the idea and figure out how to make the Baby Safe Rider available to consumers. Meanwhile, says he'll be looking to the teen to "inspire even more students to get involved and excited about math and science."

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