Yves Behar Introduces You to the Home WattStation

Yves Behar talks about designing the WattStation, GE's new home charging unit. And about Angry Birds.


Yves Behar has been helping GE with the design for their new WattStation electric car charging stations, which Andrew first wrote about a long while back. There's now a wall-mounted model made for the home—not just the street stand models that were first displayed—and GE and Behar have been showing them off at GE's smart home booth at CES.

In the video above, GE's chief marketing officer Beth Comstock talks to Behar in front of one such WattStation.

Behar starts off talking about why he thinks design plays a formidable role in clean tech, especially as it enters the home:

"We're going to have these products in our homes, and people are a little bit anxious. They don't know what they're going to look like, what they're going to feel like, is it going to be comfortable, is it going to take up too much room?...A design that does this well gets people over all of that hump. Everybody who walks past here says, 'oh, I should have one of these in my home.'"


At around 1:25, Behar talks about the urban version of the WattStation as a part of a greater, more friendly urban architecture. And generally, his comments are about how "design humanizes technology" and why that's important in helping people adopt these new, important technologies. At around 3:00 he also talks about Angry Birds, which I'm told is a reference point many iPhone owners will appreciate.