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‘The Daily Show’ Rented A Food Truck To Make A Point About North Carolina’s ‘Bathroom Bill’

It’s pointless discrimination.

Back in March, the state of North Carolina passed HB2, better known as the “Bathroom Bill,” which makes it legal for a business to discriminate based on sexual orientation. It also restricts transgender people from using bathrooms that conform to their gender identity. To prove that the law is completely arbitrary, The Daily Show set up a food truck in Raleigh, North Carolina, and its employees refused to serve anyone they thought to be gay.

In the clip above, Daily Show correspondents Roy Wood, Jr. and Jordan Klepper work in the Bone Brothers Flamin’ BBQ food truck and randomly refused serve people based on their sexuality. The angry customers couldn’t understand the pointless discrimination. “You’re being a d**k ‘cause you’re just arbitrarily not serving me,” one man yelled. But the correspondents stuck to their guns. “I was told this is cool in North Carolina, I don’t have to justify myself,” Wood, Jr. told a baffled customer. “That’s an instinct I have is that you’re gay, and I don’t feel comfortable serving you.”

Although this type of arbitrary discrimination is pointless and insane, in North Carolina it’s 100-percent legal. The law not only allows for open discrimination against the LGBT community but opens everyone up to prejudice because there’s no way to prove one’s sexuality. The bill has cost the citizens of North Carolina dearly. Business boycotts, drops in tourism, the cancellation of major events, and elimination of federal education spending will cost the state up to $5 billion dollars a year. Hopefully, North Carolina’s citizens will wake up and repeal a law that damages its image and treasury all in support of arbitrary discrimination.

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