Infographic: 100 Leaders in Public Interest Design Infographic: 100 Leaders in Public Interest Design
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Infographic: 100 Leaders in Public Interest Design

by John Cary

December 8, 2012
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There is a growing movement afoot in design. It has assumed many names over the years, all of which emphasize the public good and the engagement of too-often marginalized voices. Of late, we've seen life-saving products, more dignifying environments, and more efficient systems, all designed for the betterment of all. 
The private, public, and social sectors have taken notice—evidenced in this year's Clinton Global Initiative (CGI) focused on the theme of "Designing for Impact," for example. Across these sectors and the design field itself, a new, increasingly-networked constellation of leaders is emerging. Many are architects and designers, yes, but they are also crucial communicators, connectors, educators, and funders. in association with research partner, the University of Minnesota College of Design, and funding partner, Tandus Flooring, have joined forces for this special "Public Interest Design 100." This first-of-its-kind list profiles 10 individuals or teams in each of 10 categories contributing to design for the public good here in the United States (a subsequent infographic will look internationally).
Lists of this sort are inherently imperfect and subjective as well as far more representative than comprehensive. We understand and emphasize that. But they are also valuable, even crucial to seeing beyond the precious few people known within the field and beyond. 

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Infographic: 100 Leaders in Public Interest Design