Where Does the Internet Come From? Where Does the Internet Come From?
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Where Does the Internet Come From?

by Fogelson-Lubliner

March 5, 2009
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Last year, important internet cables connecting Europe to Asia were mysteriously severed, resulting in days of outages for millions of internet users. It was a stark reminder that, no matter how instantaneously our information seems to travel, it is, in fact, moving through cables on the bottom of the ocean. And, while the internet might seem like the cutting edge of technology, it's interesting to note that information has been traveling this way since the first telegraph cables were laid across the Atlantic ocean in the 19th century. In our latest Transparency, we look at how information moves now, and how it moved 100 years ago.A collaboration between GOOD and Fogelson-LublinerSOURCES Atlantic-cable.com; The Da Vinci Institute; The Encyclopedia Americana; Instant Messaging by American College Students by Naomi S. Baron; Nielsen; School of Information Management, Berkeley; Understanding the Characteristics of Internet Short Video Sharing: YouTube as a Case Study by  Xu Cheng, Cameron Dale, and Jiangchuan Liu; websiteoptimization.com

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Where Does the Internet Come From?