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Kids write a thoughtful note to woman to check up on her after seeing a ‘strange man’ enter her home

Going by the handwritings on the letter, it appeared that at least three kids contributed in writing the note.

Kids write a thoughtful note to woman to check up on her after seeing a ‘strange man’ enter her home
Representative Cover Image Source: Pexels| Samuel Peter

It's tough to find good neighbors, but it can be even more challenging to find genuinely caring people in the neighborhood. That's why, when an amusing story of local kids showing just how much they look out for their neighbors surfaced on social media, it left people in awe. In a post shared on Reddit, a user (u/olliepots) shared a sweet little story of how a group of kids wrote a note to her mom after spotting a suspicious man on her doorstep.

Image source: Pexels | Photo by kat wilcox
Representative Image source: Pexels | Photo by Kat Wilcox

The daughter shared a clear image of the note that was written by the kids with the caption, "My mom has a lot of kids on her street and they put this note on her door after seeing my dad go into her house. My parents don’t live together and my dad does look strange...LOL." Through their short yet thoughtful letter, the kids checked up on the woman in the most adorable way. It read, "Ms. Karren, we saw a strange man walk into your house, and we would like to know if you are OK. If you are then text my mom. Love the ___ gang."

Representative Image Source : Pexels I Photo by  Kenneth Surillo
Representative Image Source: Pexels I Photo by Kenneth Surillo

The neighbor has been identified as Karen Holt, who lives in Dallas, Texas. She was so impressed with the note that she sent it to her daughter who later shared it on the Reddit platform. According to an interview given to Newsweek, Holt unveiled the identity of the "strange man" as she said that it was her ex-husband who visits her occasionally. She said, "Her dad and I are divorced. He came over to help me cover water faucets and do other things to protect me against the cold front that was coming in. He frequently helps but he always comes in the back door. This time he exited the front door when the kids saw him."

Image source: Pexels | Photo by RDNE Stock project
Representative Image source: Pexels | Photo by RDNE Stock project

After this innocently kind gesture shown by the group of kids, Holt thanked their parents and told them, "I've already told all three groups of parents that they are doing a great job. Those children are wonderful."

The post has been well-received by the online community and most users have showered praises on the kids who are lauded for their efforts to keep their neighborhood safe. "I love everything about this, but the best part is the clear collaborative effort. At least two, maybe three kids worked together to write this note. Great gang of kiddos!" wrote u/CentrifugalBubblePup and u/kaleidoscopevoyager added: "These kids gave me hope too. I’m also impressed with the relationships the adults in this scenario have with the kids and with each other. Good feels all around." There were other comments as well that made light of the situation and there were a few jokes about the handwritings of the kids. u/Ok-Bridge-1045 commented, "I like how it's three different handwritings. Three kids wrote that letter."

Image Source: Reddit | u/moforky
Image Source: Reddit | u/moforky

"The youth neighborhood watch patrol, making sure that someone who is an inspiration to them is ok. Now, that's very gracious of the (kids)," commented u/VeloZach420 and u/CostcoVodkaFancier added: "That is precious! I got a kick out of your note about your dad!" 

Image Source: Reddit |
Image Source: Reddit | u/olliepots

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