Intermission: Black-and-White Photos Get a Taste of Color

History gets an injection of color.

Sanna Dullaway, a 21-year-old artist from Sweden, has been giving historical photos an unexpected facelift: a wash of color. Dullaway, who has been restoring photos and teaching herself Photoshop since she was 15, started injecting color into classic black-and-white photographs last year and has been hooked ever since. Dullaway says the project aims to show history in a new light. "I did not want to 'improve' nor 'replace' the original works, which I do respect," she says. "I think if people had the choice to photograph in color film 80 years back many of them would do so."

While historical purists may be puzzled by her photos, Dullaway says, "I personally feel colorizing photos bring the history closer to us, it feels more alive and touchable." She's launched a personal website, "Past in Color", to work on personal restoration requests.