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5 Stunning Nature Photos Prove Why We Need To Protect The Earth

These pictures are worth way more than a thousands words

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, but ?internationally acclaimed photographer Paul Nicklen’s nature photos speak volumes more.

On Saturday April 22, in celebration of Earth Day, Nicklen will open his first-ever fine art gallery, Paul Nicklen Gallery, featuring his life’s work of iconic images taken at the ends of the earth.

“It's a lifelong dream to have a gallery of my own in a place where I can share my message of art, purpose, and adventure,” Nicklen said in a statement. “While the streets of SoHo are as far removed from the isolated land and seascapes I photograph, it’s here in New York, the world’s most dynamic global city, that I believe my images can have the greatest impact to raise awareness and inspire greater advocacy to protect these endangered environments.”

The opening exhibition showcases breathtaking nature photos snapped in remote regions of the world that few get to experience firsthand. The photos each capture Nicklen’s adventures ice diving with leopard seals and penguins in Antarctica, tracking polar bears in Norway, and waiting patiently for months to encounter the Kermode “spirit bear” in British Columbia.

And while sharing his beautiful photos to help inspire conservation efforts would be enough, Nicklen will also be donating a portion of gallery proceeds to SeaLegacy, the nonprofit Nicklen co-founded with his partner, conservationist and photographer, Cristina Mittermeier. Check out five of the stunning images above.

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