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Soccer Star Abby Wambach Uses Instagram To Turn The Tables On The Kids Who Stole Her Car

She’s got some bad news for the people responsible, and the clock is ticking.

A note to all the potential joyriders and car thieves out there: If you’re going to target a car, you may want to know exactly whose car you’re dealing with before stealing it.

When two-time gold medalist and soccer star Abby Wambach learned that her car had been stolen, used for a joyride, then returned with hate speech written on the inside, she was understandably furious.

While her announcement of the crime via an Instagram post conveys her anger, it also serves as a call to her Florida community to help her track down the perps. Finding the parties responsible shouldn’t be too difficult, as Wambach also notes in the post that she has the license plate number of the black car the criminals were driving.

As the culprits remain at large, so too do several of her possessions, including a purse and wallet. It’s unclear if Wambach’s waiting 24 hours to turn to the police, but it’s unlikely that avenue hasn’t already been pursued.

In any event, it sounds from the soccer star’s post that their time on the run is in short supply, so hopefully, they return her belongings and own up to their actions. From the tone of her message, it doesn’t sound like she is the sort of enemy you want on your trail.

If doing the right thing isn’t motivation enough, then perhaps the wrath of Abby Wambach will convince these “idiots” to come clean.

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