Dwyane Wade Shared This Michelle Obama Pic To Let The World Know He Was Mad At His Team

Michelle Obama remains the undisputed queen of side-eye and shade

Dwyane Wade’s one of the NBA’s most accomplished stars, having led the Miami Heat to championships and serving as a perennial All-Star Game presence. But now he’s back in his hometown of Chicago, suiting up for the Bulls, and things aren’t going quite as planned.

With his new team maintaining a tenuous grasp on eighth place in their conference, Wade recently called out his teammates’ lack of effort, garnering immediate criticism for making private team matters public. Here are his heated remarks in a post-game interview:

Having learned a quick lesson from his explicit remarks, later that night Wade resorted to a more subtle (but still not all that subtle) manner of expressing his frustrations.

You don’t need to be an expert on body language, politics, or basketball to get the intent behind the post, but it’s veiled enough that it might spare him the wrath of idle sports reporters.

Hopefully, for Wade’s sake, the Bulls will turn things around, and he can post something like this, letting the world know that he’s satisfied with his club’s performance and effort:


If that doesn’t fit the bill, maybe he can ask a favor from one Chicago native to another and ask the former First Lady for a bespoke photo that encapsulates his feelings on what’s clearly a complicated matter.


McDonalds sells a lot of coffee. Over a billion cups a year, to be exact. All that coffee leads to a lot of productive mornings, but it also leads to a lot of waste. Each year, millions of pounds of coffee chaff (the skin of the coffee beans that comes off during roasting) ends up getting turned into mulch. Some coffee chaff just gets burned, leading to an increase in CO2.

Now, that chaff is going to get turned into car parts. Ford is incorporating coffee chaff from McDonalds coffee into the headlamps of some cars. Ford has been using plastic and talc to make its headlamps, but this new process will reduce the reliance on talc, a non-renewable mineral. The chaff is heated to high temperatures under low oxygen and mixed with plastic and other additives. The bioplastic can then be formed into shapes.

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