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People Are Ridiculing Fan Who Spent $26,000 To Look Like David Beckham, But It Actually Kind Of Worked

‘Obviously I know I don’t look like him, I’m not that stupid’

David Beckham is a global icon - an all-time soccer great, fodder for celebrity gossip and now, an inspiration for one really expensive makeover.

Jack Johnson is not a global icon. But after a $26,000 investment, the 19-year-old says he feels better about himself having undergone a major physical overhaul to look more like his Beckham, his idol. The series of what he says are still ongoing procedures include having his cheeks filled and getting “tan injections.”

Plenty of people are mocking Johnson while others are saying he obviously suffers from serious body image issues and that this is no laughing matter. After all, Johnson freely admitted he’s gone into financial debt pursuing his dream and says he wants to spend thousands more before he’s done. But he also claims he’s not living in denial, responding to one snarky British TV host who pointed out the obvious differences in their physical appearance and athletic tone:

“Obviously I know I don’t look like him, I’m not that stupid,” Johnson said. “But I have a long way to go to get to my goal of looking like him. Easily another 30 grand. It will cost money and operations to look like him. Obviously I’m not slim, like him or have the six pack but I do want a gastric band.”

What do you think? Is this a sad tale of someone’s body perception being warped by unrealistic expectations created through celebrity-driven media? Or, does Johnson have a right to pursue whatever image he likes?

As to that gastric band, Johnson said he’s been exercising and dieting but feels he needs the surgical help to make a significant change to his body, “And when I have that done I have to still exercise and eat healthy,” he said, adding that he feels “amazing about myself” and is in “the best place ever” since launching his transformation.

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