The Moment This Child Enters The Bahama Waters, He’s Greeted By 4 Sharks

The boy was dangerously unaware of what was heading his way.

The prevailing wisdom, right or wrong, tells us that sharks don’t usually seek out humans, but rather only attack when they mistake a person for prey.

Well, the film “Jaws” tells us that’s not true at all, and this aerial video seems to corroborate the fictional account more so than common knowledge.

Not five seconds after this boy entered the shallow blue waters at a Bahamian beach, a shark makes its way to shore to greet him. Then another. Then, quickly, two more.

The incident was captured on a drone camera and shows the boy diving and playing in the water, dangerously unaware of the treat headed his way. When the drone camera operator, Artem Tkachenko, saw the sharks through his camera, he yelled at the boy to return to shore. The boy did so, narrowly avoiding the congregating predators.

This incident comes just weeks after a honeymooning bride was attacked in Bahamian waters by a nurse shark. The animal bit her arm on-camera as her husband was filming her in the shallow waters.

Two such incidents in a month may not be indicative of a trend, but it’s likely enough to keep some of us safely ashore while we keep an eye on our loved ones swimming.