The Japanese Prime Minister Took A Fall Into A Sand Trap While An Impatient Trump Marched Down The Golf Course

As the 63-year-old prime minister tumbled into the sand trap, Trump was hundreds of feet away, preparing for his next shot.

Donald Trump, unfortunately, spends enough time on golf courses that his outings are normally not newsworthy, but a recent round in Japan with Prime Minister Shinzo Abe was eventful enough to capture the attention of the sports world. After hitting a shot from a sand trap at Kasumigaseki Country Club, Prime Minister Abe lost his balance while climbing out, resulting in a harmless, yet undignified tumble back into the hazard.

Perhaps as noteworthy as the fall itself was Trump’s disposition during the incident. After hitting his shot, the president quickly marched down the course, leaving behind Abe as he quickly moved to his next shot. The president has a reputation for being an impatient golfer, often leaving his partners — and in this case, his host — behind as he prepares for his next shot. Of course, according to sportswriter Rick Reilly, Trump’s also known to drive over greens and give himself countless mulligans during a game, so it’s clear that spending much of his life on a golf course hasn’t made him any more gracious.

63-year-old Abe was tended to by his aids and was no worse for the wear, save for perhaps a bruised ego.